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The Activity Follow App: an improved tool for the Productive Ward approach.

The app

With the Activity Follow App, a lot of time is saved. Data is directly added to the Ipad and it is much more convenient to use than the origional paper version. Now, the team can collect more variables, like disruptions and qualitative data. The app provides a direct overview of the insights. This makes analyzing the data much more convenient.

The result

Finding areas for improvements becomes easier and the team becomes more engaged in the process of improvement. The nursing team is encouraged to start a dialogue on the ward and start improving their surroundings and daily routines.

Our offer

The Activity Follow app comes with support, free downloads and manuals. Have a look at “The Challenge“, a game-like method to engage the team in the process of improvement. Or watch one of the support video’s and get started.


The App


How to use

Use the Activity Follow app to get insights in the waste on a ward. A colleague follows a nurse during her shift. Before the nurse starts, the colleague makes a planning of the next 15 minutes. Then, the follower enters each minute the activity that is executed at that moment and the location of the activity. Is the nurse disrupted? Having a valuable insight or spotting a waste? She will note this in the app. The number of steps per minute is collected automatically. At the end of the shift, the app provides a clear overview of the shift and measurements. Now, the team can start analyzing and discussing the data to find areas for improvement. Tip: use the Activity Follow Challenge for this.


Activity Follow is a webapp for tablets, optimised for the iOS Safari browser. The data is transfered via a secure line and the GUI is designed for low-energy use. An internet connection is needed, though data can be cached temporarily. The report can be exported in a .csv format and every ward has their own admin module to manage sessions.

The Challenge: engage your team more

Get the most out of an Activity Follow Session

The “Challenge” is developed to engage the team to reach the full potential from an ActivityFollow session. It is a step-by-step and playful approach toencourage teams to start a dialogue aboutdata-based improvement. The results show that it encourages teamempowerment and helps build ownership ofthe improvements.

How does it work?

Two (or more) teammembers start the “Challenge” directly after they collected thedata with the app. They are stimulated to thinkout of the box and encouraged to get to theroot of the problem. The objective is topropose valuable data-driven improvements totheir team. The toolkit can be downloaded for free. Read more (Brochure).


Feel free to contact us any time: info@activityfollow.com

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