The App


How to use

Use the Activity Follow app to get insights in the waste on a ward. A colleague follows a nurse during her shift. Before the nurse starts, the colleague makes a planning of the next 15 minutes. Then, the follower enters each minute the activity that is executed at that moment and the location of the activity. Is the nurse disrupted? Having a valuable insight or spotting a waste? She will note this in the app. The number of steps per minute is collected automatically. At the end of the shift, the app provides a clear overview of the shift and measurements. Now, the team can start analyzing and discussing the data to find areas for improvement. Tip: use the Activity Follow Challenge for this.


Activity Follow is a webapp for tablets, optimised for the iOS Safari browser. The data is transfered via a secure line and the GUI is designed for low-energy use. An internet connection is needed, though data can be cached temporarily. The report can be exported in a .csv format and every ward has their own admin module to manage sessions.